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Adat Chaverim,
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"I found intelligent people who felt as I did. The services, communal meal, songs, and conversations have really made me feel part of a community that truly cares about one another!"

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! We are planning a phenomenal silent auction as an "End of Summer/Back-to-School" bash; your donation will help us put on an AMAZING event for the entire Los Angeles community!

Thank you for visiting our site! The Adat Chaverim community always welcomes visitors and new members.  We would love to have you visit our Cultural Sunday school or attend our next event!  Please contact us by calling toll-free to 888-5524552, or filling in the green form below.  A member will contact you to answer all your questions, not only about our congregation, but about Humanistic Judaism in general.  You can also refer a friend to us by clicking on the yellow button.

You can reach us by phone, toll free at 888-552-HJLA (4552)
or by direct mail to: Adat Chaverim Congregation
P.O. Box 261204, Encino, CA  91426-1204

Humanistic Judaism; Adat Chaverim
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Adat Chaverim is seeking to grow our community!  We are planning a wide variety of new activities for all age groups, open to the general public and we look forward to meeting you there!